Training for Leadership and Supervision

BeCORE offers customised training and Board evaluations, focused on quality of decision making and culture. 

Customers and regulators increasingly demand more from managers and supervisory boards. They require higher quality of decision making, customer focus, public engagement and a structural approach in relation to corporate ethics.
The integration of principles and core values into every layer of the organisation is what we call 'Embedded Ethics'. 

Our programme is not about ‘checking the box’ but about accountability based on organisation principles and core values. 

The training and ‘Culture and Values’ modules could be used for: 

  • Management and Leadership development

  • Corporate Ethics programme

  • Change processes (mergers & acquisitions, reorganisations)

  • Board development and assessment programme

Our focus is on corporations, the health sector and the financial sector.

The training programmes may be customised by targeting specific, related topics. 

In order to be able to offer these customised programmes, beCORE Training also cooperates with experienced external trainers, each with a specific, relevant background.

Traineeships & Management Development


Training Dynamics, Ethics & Dilemma


BeCORE Training offers tools for better dynamics and qualitiy in decision making and Embedded Ethics. In a practical way, our modules target behavioral risks and corporate culture. 

The following elements may be included into the programme:

  • Dynaimcs & Behavioral insight: how to better recognise and use personal competences, to discuss potential conflicts of interest, psychological and perverse incentives, and transparancy.

  • Cultural mapping: which customs and characteristics define the culture in the organization?
    How are these perceived by management, employees and other stakeholders (clients)?

  • Tone at the top: ‘leading by example’, what does this mean in every day life, what moves managers forward, what is the effect of a dominant leader, how can opportunistic decision making be prevented?

  • Dilemma's & Decisions: dilemma training with company specific, anonymised cases, possibly from your organization. The skills of the participants in (ethical) decision making are sharpened in a culture in which it is possible to discuss dilemmas in an open and constructive way. 

The modules are a combination of theory vs. policy, active participation in workshops, internal reflection, organisation specific theme discussions and creativity. 

Supervisory Board and Board of Management, Board evaluations  


BeCORE Training offers company specific governance advice and training modules geared to the top of the organisation and Supervisory Boards: 

    • Board Evaluations
      We offer guidance for Board evaluations. Elements are: analysis of composition, competencies, culture and communication of the Board.  Furthermore, interaction between the Board and management are discussed.  The process entails setting up a short tailor made survey/questionnaire, in depth individual interviews, discussion of results in a board session and presenting a report (could be used as starting point for further evaluations in coming years).

    • Board Dynamics, Dilemmas & Performance (3 or 6 hours session)
      This program targets: stimulating principle driven supervision, ensuring the self-critical ability and (ethical) standardization of decision making. Reputation management is an integral part of this module. Participants discuss important company dilemmas, decision making, (potential) conflicts of interest and their functioning. If requested, a senior guest speaker may be invited for a 2 hour session, who will share his/her experiences.

    • Risk management & Corporate culture (4 or 6 hours)
      Group culture and decision making processes are increasingly important elements of risk management, next to the financial aspects. In a confidential setting, participants analyze the behavioral risks and cultural risks within the organization, examples of dilemmas, and their roles in these. Analyses are made of the diversity and countervailing powers of the decision making entities, as well as the of the balance of information supply.

    • Framework Supervision (4 or 6 hours)
      An intensive crash course for members of Supervisory Boards or Advisory Counsils, in which the legal framework of their obligations and responsibilities are explained. Different models of supervision and new developments are illustrated. This could be used as preparation for DNB assesments.

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Financial sector


The modules for the financial sector are partly based on the ‘Policy vision regarding behaviour and culture with financial institutions’ by the Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank). DNB and the sector itself demand a further embedding of desired behaviour and integrity in both the decision making processes and the behaviour of management and employees.

DNB focusses on the quality and effectiveness of decision making, communication and leadership. Question is e.g. if decision making is well-balanced and in line with the objectives of the organization. Another question is if (top)management is sufficiently aware of their examplary behaviour.

BeCore Training offers programmes and modules that contribute to all of the above mentioned goals. 

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