BeCORE Evaluations & Training aims to improve the quality of the decision making process based on core values and principles and accountability. 

The first goal of beCORE Mediation is to define the core of the problem, i.e. the real, actual underlying interests and principles of the conflicting parties. Thereafter follow the restoration of communication and finding solutions. The ultimate goal is to reach a mutually beneficial solution, while retaining favourable business relations.

BeCORE Training & Evaluation focuses on improving the quality of decision making by more consciously handling 26-10-2012--111449.JPG.jpgprinciples and core values. The key issues are dynamics, accountability and sustainability.

BeCORE Governance advice and Training offers several programmes in the areas of dynamics, company culture and decision making processes. 


Jeannette Franken is a Governance specialist with ample experience in Board evaluations and dynamics sessions.


In 1990, Jeannette graduated from Utrecht university with degrees in both civil law and corporate social economic law.

Subsequently, she successfully completed the following programmes: 
- Master's (LLM) in International Law at Cornell University, USA
- Management trainee programme ABN AMRO Bank
- Several management training programmes, viz. negotiation skills, insight into influence, presentation
  skills, leadership skills, etc.
- MD programme at development bank FMO

In 2012, Jeannette completed the post-doc training Mediation/Conflict Management at the ADR Institute in Amsterdam.
In 2015 Jeannette completed the Erasmus Board Programm.

These skills are applied to training and governance-programmes, in which core values, self-reflection and accountability are key topics. 

Work experience

In 1992, Jeannette completed the management trainee programme of ABN AMRO Bank in Amsterdam. She subsequently held several management positions within the bank, amongst others with: 
- Human Resources: legal matters for redundant employees after the merger of ABN and AMRO. 
- Corporate Finance: advisor and transaction manager for listings and IPO's of large corporate clients
- Debt Capital Markets: several management positions, as well as managing large transactions in
  Emerging Markets such as Kazachstan and Russia.

During this time, she also was representative for the Dutch banks in IPMA (International Primary Markets Association) and trainer within ABN AMRO for NIBE courses (Netherlands Institute for Banks and Brokers).

From early 2000, Jeannette was active as an independent advisor, mostly at the request of investors with specific instructions, or as interim manager. (f.e. at Niam-TMS, Business News Radio, two e-learning companies and an investment fund).

n 2005, she was appointed as Director Legal Affairs (& Compliance) at development bank FMO in The Hague, where she was also a member of the Executive Committee, Compliance Committee and Banking License Committee.

After this, Jeannette decided to take one year off and spend it on post-doc study and her family. She was looking for a way to put her skills and experience in governance, management, negotiations and training to the best use. The result is beCORE !

As of the end of 2014 Jeannette also became a partner of CPI for Governance and Board evaluations.

She is a supervisor at Holland Opera.

For more information, please request her extensive CV via info@becore.nl


In consultation with the client, beCORE can invite co-trainers and guest speakers.

If needed, beCORE cooperates with network partners in order to provide customized services.