Allert van den Ham, SNV World: 
"The new Supervisory Board of SNV World appointed BeCore to guide the proces of self assessment of the Board and to provide recommendations.
Guided by Jeannette Franken a critical, fruitful and constructive dialogue developed.
This led to initiatives which increased the added value of the Board and to clear arrangements in relation to the different roles of the Board and the Managing Board.
Further, our understanding of the international developments on supervision deepened.
Powerful guidance by Jeannette. Optimal price/quality ratio. Definitely worth the effort !"

Arthur Arnold, Non-Executive Chairman/Director of various Boards:
"I have had the pleasure to use BeCore, Jeannette Franken, several times for evaluations of Supervisory Boards I am serving on.
Both national as well as international Board members with very different expertise and backgrounds, have all rated the quality of Jeannette’s services as very high.
Her capacity to analyze the functioning of the Supervisory Board and to identify the potential issues and challenges for the future, is remarkable.
She performs her services with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism.
I can recommend her services, without any hesitation, to any Chairman who is looking for a proper Supervisory Board evaluation”

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