beCORE Mediation and Facilitation

Are you in the middle of a reorganization or crisismanagement?
Do you have a labor dispute, a corporate dispute or any other business dispute?
Mediation or facilitated sessions could be the solution for you, your team or your organization. In particular when future relations are valuable.

Business mediation is a way of dispute resolution in which a neutral third party, the mediator, guides the participants towards a mutually beneficial solution to their conflict. T
The process is future oriented, quick, safe and confidential and informal.
BeCORE will be glad to assist you.

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beCORE Governance advices Board Evaluations & Training

Do you need Governance advice?
Are you looking for guidance in self-assessment of your Board?
And are you eager to further integrate values in your company culture and into the decision making process?

BeCORE designs customised programmes and training modules in the area of governance, dynamics, corporate culture and leadership. 
The goals are: more embedded principles and less rules!

Our focus is on the financial sector, corporations, government and health care.

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